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Whether you are in an area we can’t service or simply don’t have the time to travel, we understand. We offer 1-on-1 live tutoring over G-Chat (video chat on gmail) and Skype.

p_online-tutor_1590797cOnline LSAT tutoring offers several advantages:

  1. Convenience.
  2. Access to any LSAT tutor in the country.
  3. Ability to record and replay tutoring sessions (if over Skype).

Sometimes technical problems arise with video chat. Don’t worry. Any time lost due to technical problems will not be counted.

As it is human nature to have a shorter attention span when corresponding with a tutor over thecomputer, we allow our online students to have 1 hour lessons. This means you would get the same amount of time, but 2x the lessons with any online package. This offers a distinct advantage to more cost cautious students.

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  1. I need tips on how i can get through the questions more quickly.
    I feel like i spend so much time which is bad. So what should i do?

    1. Hi Barbara, thank you for your question. Right off the bat, I’d say that it’s natural to struggle with timing when you first start studying for the LSAT. This is why we generally advise students to worry about their accuracy and whether they’re approaching the questions correctly before they worry about time much like you don’t worry about your marathon time until you run a marathon. That said, you should have a general approach for each type of LR/RC question and for each type of logic game.

      LSAC writers are very smart, but are not quite as creative and they’ve been testing the same concepts and question types for 25 years, sometimes in ways that are almost identical. You could work with a tutor (we’re pretty great) and/or use LSAT prep materials you can buy on Amazon or even borrow from your local library to learn approaches that will make you faster. The easiest way to increase your speed is to have an approach for each individual LR/RC question type and logic game before answering the question. This is why we generally teach our students to master each type of question individually. Without knowing where exactly you’re struggling, it’s difficult to say more. However, one quick tidbit of advice that applies on every section is this: predict the right answer BEFORE you read the choices. LSAC writers are very clever at coming with tempting wrong answer choices that are designed to sound good and either lead you astray or waste your time. If you predict the correct answer, you write the test.

      Other quick time savers are combining rules where possible on logic games, and hard focusing on the conclusion in logical reasoning. Regarding games, LSAC writers love throwing free points at those who can combine rules, because this is strongly indicative of deductive reasoning, a key skill for success in law school and legal practice. Regarding logical reasoning, about 75% of the questions contain a conclusion. Regardless of whether the question is an assumption, weaken, principle or logic function, the right answer must correspond to the conclusion. You can immediately eliminate any choice that does not explicitly or implicitly address the conclusion.

      You should also know that the test is specifically designed to be difficult to complete in 35 minutes. Even if you scored a 180, it’s likely that you will still feel rushed in at least one of the sections. You can become quicker, but the test (with perhaps the exception of logic games) is designed to be difficult to complete even for those that get a perfect score. LSAC is testing your ability to both work quickly and to work well under pressure, both are skills you will need on law school exams, the bar and in practice. My advice to you is not to worry about time until you’re getting the questions right. It’s better to do good work slowly than bad work quickly, and you can always speed yourself up.

      Generally, you should expect to spend 3 months doing targeted LSAT prep to hit your max potential. Many test takers try to prepare for the test in 2 weeks or so. In fact, every test I receive frantic calls from students looking to learn the entire test in one week. Although improvements are possible in this timeframe, we discourage this approach because it leads students to sell their potential short and attend worse schools or receive less scholarship money than they would if they studied for the test in the correct way.

      Hope this helps!
      Reuven Roslyn, Esq.

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