LSAT Wiz is a personalized tutoring company committed devoted to providing personalized LSAT tutoring at affordable rates. The business was founded in 2010, and featured down to earth tutors who scored 170 or above. None of them were geniuses. They were smart, but ordinary people you’d have a beer with. By creating a JFZ (Judgment Free Zone), students felt comfortable making mistakes with their tutor, which allowed them to make mistakes during tutoring sessions and not on the exam. its success story began with one creative person who cracked the 170 marker using the tools everyone has, and then devoted years to helping others do the same.


“People see the LSAT as this Trumpian wall on the Mexican border keeping them out of law school. The funny thing is that the same concepts that help you on the LSAT also help you recognize gaps in real life cases. On the LSAT, these gaps are called assumptions. In court and on law school exams, these gaps are called issues. If you can answer a logical reasoning question, you already have everything you need to set the curve on any law school exam and win your first case. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize this until it’s too late.”

Today, most of the LSAT tutors are practicing attorneys or law students at the top schools in the country. You’ll feel comfortable with and respected by your tutor. All of our tutors go beyond just teaching the LSAT, and additionally serve as a mentor hoping to help you replicate their success.


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