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[learn_more caption=”Who is my tutor?”]

If you tutor for us -> you possess a high LSAT score, pass a rigorous teaching assessment and have undergone training to be a fantastic tutor. For specific info, click on the city you’d like to be tutored in. Your tutor will be among the very best LSAT test takers in their city. 
However, it doesn’t end there. Our teachers CAN teach. They are down to earth, patient, not snobby and trained to use real life logic (i.e. how people actually think) to serve as the foundation for every logic principle examined on the law school admission test. Additionally, most of our tutors have either been admitted into one of the nation’s elite top 14 law schools, have placed in the top 10% of their law school or have scored in the 99th percentile.We go out of our way to find, solicit and employ individuals who are not only talented teachers with a strong LSAT, but individuals you’d actually want to grab a beer with when you’re not studying.We have found that at the grad-school level, students improve the most when the tutor-tutee relationship is more akin to a business casual friendship between two professionals than merely a teacher-student relationship, which can sometimes be condescending and therefore less motivational for the student.
[learn_more caption=”How much do students normally improve?”] It varies. We have never had a student not improve, and have witnessed an average improvement of 12 points in our twenty and forty hour packages. We have found a direct correlation between homework completion and the rate of lesson rescheduling, and score improvement. In other words, if you do the work your tutor assigns you and give the LSAT the attention it warrants, you will get the results you need.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”Do you offer evening or weekend classes?”] Yes. The majority of our lessons take place on nights and weekends so that we can accommodate students and working full time professionals. Day classes are always available as well.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”Where do the lessons take place?”] At any public location convenient for you, whether that be a law library, university library, public library or quaint quiet coffeehouse. We go out of our way to make the lessons as convenient for our students as possible.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”Do you offer admissions consulting?”] You can always use your hours towards admissions consulting with an expert tutor experienced in getting into top 10 law schools, or towards personal statement and/or addendum review. However, you may be best served focusing only on gathering assistance for LSAT prep, and letting free resources like http://lawschoolnumbers.com, http://lawschooltransparency.com and http://lsac.org serve as the basis for your admissions consulting.[/learn_more]
[learn_more caption=”I haven’t heard of LSAT Wiz. How long have you been around for?”] We have been around since 2009, and are fairly new. That said, our approach to tutoring and client satisfaction rate has enabled us to grow from a single tutor to over fifty tutors across the United States. You might not have heard for us, because in order to offer the most affordable LSAT tutoring on the market while still paying our tutors more than other tutoring companies, we invest more of our money into quality control rather than into expensive marketing campaigns. Additionally, the only thing that we teach is the LSAT so you will only find us if you are searching for LSAT tutoring. We are not your “do everything” tutoring company. We tutor only the LSAT, and are passionate only about the LSAT, which we find to be substantially different than every other standardized test in the US.[/learn_more]


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