“In only 12 hours with my Los Angeles LSAT tutor, I fine tuned my logical reasoning skills make the improvements needed to get into Harvard Law School. I will now be working for a top LA firm upon my graduation from Harvard Law.”

Aly G., Cambridge, MA


“I had finally figured out I wanted to go to law school, and my dad found an ad for LSATWiz on Craigslist, thinking it would help me prepare for the test. And it definitely turned out to be a treasure to find. My cousin who attended law school had already given me the books my tutors used; I was consistently putting up low scores when testing myself. I had one tutor for a few weeks at home and then another when I went back to Philly for the couple weeks before the October test, and my scores were noticeably growing higher over all those weeks. I ended up scoring 20-25 points higher than I was when I had first started out, and while I can’t guarantee the same growth for everyone, the tutors are incredibly insightful into breaking down not only the test’s problems but also yours. They help talk you through the way you go about the problem and offer tips and tricks that facilitate finding the right answer. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone looking to either make the jump to where you want to get or even perfect his or her approach when in the 170s. As advertised, the tutors are cheaper, more concerned and of higher quality than some other programs offer, all while offering the same convenience as other programs. I am now making the tough choice of which scholarship is the right one for me.”

Mike M., Philadelphia, PA

“I found about LSAT Wiz surfing the web. As a undergraduate student, with a low score on her initial LSAT practice exams, I knew I needed top quality One-on-One tutoring for a great bargain. Examining all the other top LSAT tutoring companies became a little strenuous but I am extremely glad I found LSAT Wiz. I was able to get all of the benefits of a Top LSAT tutoring company at almost half the price. With LSAT Wiz’s  lower prices I was able to purchase more tutoring time than I would have at Kaplan or Princeton.

My personal tutor Ryan helped me out a lot. He was very clear in helping me understand the reading comprehension and logical reasoning. He was around my age which helped out a lot. What I had the most trouble with was those Blasted logic games and Ryan broke the logic game mechanisms down to a science! Because he was my peer he was also able to relate the questions to me in a more modern and sensible fashion. He even used the Red Hot Chili Peppers as an example to help me understand, lol. Although, Ryan was a good tutor he did always remind me that I had to put a lot of study time outside of our tutoring sessions if I wanted to get a higher score.

In addition, LSAT Wiz was very flexible in terms of their schedule and meeting arrangements. I was able to set up tutoring at the library after I finished up with my summer internship.”

Shantel N., New York, NY

“My tutoring experience with Ryan was great! He helped me to improve my LSAT score 15 points, which is very difficult to do. I asked him soooo many questions throughout our tutoring sessions, but he stayed very patient and super helpful. And like the other girl said, his “real-life” examples are classic. You will get a chuckle out of them, but they end up helping you understand logic too. His tutoring is also reasonably priced. A great deal if you ask me!”

Sam R., Long Island, NY

“The first time I saw a logic game, I was so frustrated I walked out on my practice test. After a couple of sessions, I began to become more comfortable with basic sequencing games. After a couple of weeks, they became my favorite section. And now… now I don’t miss a question. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s true. I got a perfect score on the logic game section.”

Jordan M., Los Angeles, CA

“I came in to my LSAT tutoring with no knowledge whatsoever of what was on the LSAT. All I knew was I wanted to be a lawyer. Thanks to my outstanding tutor, and the free e-mail consultation they provided to answer every question that came up as I did practice questions, I was able to hit the score I needed for IU.”

Tim R., Chicago, IL

“I found LSAT Wiz on Google for my area. The first thing I really liked about LSAT Wiz is they gave me references for my tutor, Angela, before I committed. Her previous students told me positive things about her teaching, and I had a great experience with her as well! It was evident she had a good grasp on the material and was able to explain the right and wrong answers, as well as teach different attack methods effectively. What I found most helpful with Angela was that she had a good sense of my capabilities. She told me cut and dry what a good target score was for me, and I felt it was an accurate assessment. I really got the feeling with Angela that she wanted to help me get the score I was capable of, and her sincerity combined with her teaching helped me jump 7 significant points on my LSAT with only eight hours of private tutoring! If you are looking for a great tutor at a price much lower than other companies, I would highly recommend Angela!”

Chris B., Blue Bell, PA


“Honestly, I loved Diane. I don’t know what else to say. She was great. She would stay after our lessons just to chat with me about life and the legal world, and I loved getting to talk about law with an actual lawyer. As far as our lessons are concerned, she really boosted my confidence and worked around my schedule. It was clear she did a great deal of work to prepare for our lessons. In less than one month’s time, I increased my score by approximately ten points and have been offered scholarships to schools I was not sure I would be able to get into several months ago.

Tiffany L., Long Island, NY

“I did a Blueprint LSAT course, and they were great, but there were a few question types I didn’t get that were holding me back from really shooting up my score. I worked with Ryan from LSAT Wiz for a couple of months leading up to my exam, and he was great with my full time work schedule. He also understood that because of the nature of my job, I could not study for a couple hours of day, and he gave me targeted homework that was manageable. I honestly never thought I’d be as comfortable with the LSAT as I wound up being. Once you get the hang of it, it really can be sort of fun in a weird really nerdy way.”

Amanda M., Westchester, NY

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