New Law School Rankings

Courtesy of USNews, the brand new 2013 Law School Rankings are out. This is kind of like the law nerd version of selection Sunday in the NCAA tournament. We’re just going to list the few major changes briefly, but before we do it’s important to not let yourself become rankings obsessed, but to instead use the rankings as a guide.
Arizona State might be hotter than an active volcano, but if you want to work in NYC, picking ASU because it’s a few slots higher than Fordham would be foolish. However, if deciding between Fordham and say Cardozo, the rankings can be a very beneficial tool in gaging how employers will view your JD in a given market.
Onto a few quick notes:
  1. Stanford finally did it, and re-overtook Harvard for the #2 spot.
  2. Virginia and Berkely emerged in a three-way tie with Penn at 7, pushing Michigan down to 10.
  3. After dropping into a tie with Texas at 14, Georgetown moved up to 13 surpassing Cornell.
  4. Speaking of Texas, not only are they back out of the t-14. They’ve fallen behind UCLA.
  5. University of Minnesota is now ranked #19.
  6. WUSTL is out of the top 20 for the first time in a number of years. Splitter scholarships no longer working?
  7. Emory is back up strong in the t-25 after adapting to the new ranking system following an off year.
  8. GAME CHANGER: Arizona State jumped up from 43 to 26 in 1 year, and looks to have strong medians. Wow. Suddenly, ASU has solidified itself as Arizona’s go to law school.
  9. Pepperdine cracked the first tier for the 1st time in a while, while Cardozo can no longer call themselves a first tier law school for the time being.

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