Logic Games

Time: 35 Minutes
Questions: 22-23

Have you ever made a CD before? If you can burn a CD-mix you can master logic games. How are these two things related? Well, when you made your first mix CD, you did each one of the following 4 things:

  1. You selected which songs you wanted to put on the CD.
  2. You put the songs in order.
  3. You paired the song title up with the artist who created the song.
  4. You grouped the song into a unique music genre (ex: rock; hip hop).

All that this section is doing is testing one’s ability to perform each of these 4 tasks. Our students learn how to attack each of them with the most accuracy and time efficiency possible.

Games are commonly our students’ worst section when they first speak with us. By test day our students generally find that games have evolved into one of their core strengths on the LSAT.

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