Tutoring Packages

We look forward to helping you master the LSAT! We offer in person tutoring throughout the country, and online through Skype/Google Hangouts. Students in New York City and using Skype have the opportunity to work with Reuven Roslyn, Esq., the company’s founder and lead tutor who has tutored the test since 2010 and has routinely helped students make double digit score improvements. The rates to work with Reuven are higher due to his track record limited availability. However, all of our tutors are exceptional and hold LSAT scores >170, and most are licensed attorneys with several years of LSAT tutoring experience.

In person tutoring sessions are generally 2 hours in length (though 1-hour lessons may be accommodated if the tutor does not have to travel). Skype lessons are 1 hour. The prices below are for one-on-one LSAT courses designed to walk the student through the entire test. All packages include 60 official LSAT prep tests that will be shipped to students (a $100 discount will be provided to any student who already has these materials).

The prices below are for 10 and 30 hour packages. The former is designed to be a swift but comprehensive overview of the entire test whereas the latter is a more in depth course in which students will learn a variety of techniques and strategies to mastering every individual question type. We can also accommodate a mixture between the two or more than 30-hours of tutoring upon request. Students may also purchase individual lessons with Reuven for $200/hour or $375/2 hour lessons.

Complementary admissions advising, and personal statement and addendum review is available for all students. It is our hope to see you through the law school admission process. Due to limited availability, although tutoring packages never expire, they are nonrefundable.

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